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Hessah decided to start loving her natural curls in 2015, after years of damaging, time-consuming and expensive treatments seeking sleek, straight, “in-style” hair. After a few years of being natural, she was thrilled by the positive response – not to mention the health of her hair and newfound confidence! Inspired to help other women embrace themselves and find empowerment, Hessah started @curly.clumsy, an Instagram dedicated to beauty inside and out. In what has truly become a family, she shares her passion, tips and motivation with others.


Curl Boutique is Hessah’s latest endeavor, created to further realize her dream of supporting the curl community. Located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Curl Boutique is the country’s first salon serving those who want to embrace their natural hair.

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Hessah brings more than just a passion for beauty. A Jeddah native, she attended cosmetology school in California. Hessah is also a Deva Curl-trained stylist, and a consultant for those looking to transition to natural hair. Most recently, Hessah has been providing specialized cuts and styling for clients around Jeddah.

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